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Simple Requests

Perform a GET request to retrieve all yeasts

$ curl

Perform a GET request on a specific ID

$ curl

Perform a POST request to filter on certain parameters

$ curl --data "temperature=80"

JSON Everywhere

Responses from the server will return as JSON

  id: 1,
  laboratory: 'White Labs',
  strain: 'WLP001',
  name: 'California Ale Yeast',
  description: 'Description of the yeast here',
  attenuation_min: 73
  attenuation_max: 80
  flocculation: Medium
  temperature_min: 68
  temperature_max: 73
  tolerance: 15
}, {...}]

Bring in the Malt

Malt is up next. Once we have all the data put together, its yours!


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